Anyone here who has a short body size? I’m too hahaha. I’m not so tall like a model so when I’m look the body of @anazsiantar or @Lunamaya, I’m really jealous. All the photo they serve is look so good and amazing. But don’t sad cause this era so advanced, everything can be a changed instantly. When you feel ugly, you can using make up or using beauty camera hahahha LOL and you want look tall you can using hightheels and mix with trousers. So this outfit I’m using like I’m saying before, lets check it out ;

I’m not a good influencer and I’m not call influencer too cause I think I’m not make or produce anything. I’m just a blogger who like write about my life, like clothes and like a photo too. First time I’m just write only that but years changed I’m boring and looking every people get money from they blog so I’m sad cause I’m nothing until now. I’m so down cause I think what now. What I can do now. But I’m cange my mind everything have a goals. But lucky me I have a job but I’m not really like. But I’m happy and always be grateful. 

And you know, yesterday someone giving me offer about promote a film. I’m really excited, not believe too. I think it just a spam, but when I’m replay by email and do according to what he/she wants and rules, he/she asking me to make a invoice. I never make invoice hahaha but I try and asking to my finance friend in my work. So, everything complete and he/she(I don’t know what they gender hahha) say to waiting until they receive all the invoice and processing payment early july. I’m just read and replay “ oke Nicole thank you very much”.

After a week, I’m not really think much about that, I open my mobile banking, when I transfer money to someone , check it to make sure it works, I see there is money coming into my account and nominal same with what Nicole say before hahahahah I’m really so happy you know. It’s first time I get money from who work as influencer.

That’s my story and I hope you can enjoy and always happy for your life. See you in my next post. Thank you to read, comment or visit my blog. 

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