Hello everyone, I hope you have a good weekend.
Today I want to post something a little outfit for you and really comment how do u think about my post.

Stocking, everyone know this and everyone ever using that. You know, I'm really didn't like using a stocking cause Indonesia weather it's not very cold. I'm not comfortable, like something cling in my skin hahaha. But, he really liked women who wear a stocking LOL. So, I'm here using that :)))

I'm going to PIK for got a good picture, and He always accompany me, when I want getting a picture. Sometimes, Im very happy when he smile for me and trying make me smile too, It's so green, fresh, and so cold place cause It's rain. When you going to my country Indonesia, especially JAKARTA, and you need refreshing and want eating food you can coming to here PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk ) PIK

Sometimes, going to Mall make me so boring, so when I'm in there I always take a photo and searching a good background HAHAHAHA. 

Simple outfit, with a long sleeved t-shirt, Hotpants COLORBOX , stocking, and Sneakers ( from Perth and I forgot ). 

Thank you everyone to read..
See u in the next my post :))


Elsa Silalahi

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