Push Yourself


Hello everyone..
How about your day?
and how about your weekend?

My day, my wekend and everyday I always so boring. I don't have agreat friend to spend a time in weekend. Just my little sister. I don't know why I like that. I don't know why my friend leave me and never say hi. everyday I woke up, went to office and back home and sleep again hahahha that's my activities everyday. How do you imagine that? hahha sometimes I laugh myself. It's nothing to do. But I always push my self for don't thought difficult everything. So, when I'm boring and nobody care I using a great outfit. Let's see.


I really like a fashion and combine my outfit. I buy t-shirt from Bershka and liege from Colorbox. Two this shop really good they sell clothes for specially young people. Simple and look casual it's good outfit for using everyday. 

Back to my boring life. I don't have a plan for my life. I'm confused for what I must plan for my life. Cause when I plan someting, it's always falling apart. I always wanna cry when it's never happen. But I try to push my self for wake up and try a nother plan. It's so tired. 

Sometimes in another time I'm give up. I'm mad and try a bad thing. 
But, another time I'm be chagrined for everything I do. 

So, I thought again that's a life. I must doing fine. and never trying to compare my life to another people. 

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Elsa Silalahi

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Hello, my name Elsa Silalahi from Indonesia. I'm like fashion, make up and travel. And I really like listen music. Sometimes, I want to share about my story life so I have this blog :) hope you enjoy it :*