PERTH (part 1)

Hello everyone, now I want to post about my mini holiday in Perth.I plan this holiday long time ago. so, now I'm really excited to share my holiday. sorry if I am too excited, cause this is my first time going to overseas. At the first time I'm touchdown in Perth airport, it's make me amazed and I say "I'm a tourist" HAHAHA LOL.

Australia is one of another country famous good especially for healthy, education and protection of disabled children.why I choose Perth from another? cause that place i have a friend familly. 

Perth is one of the goals that I visit. That place very quiet and clean. when I come, it's summer and it's very different with Indonesia weather but I still enjoy. 

And I want say thank you for  jennifer for giving me advise and information about Perth. She was replay my email and giving the good place for visited. 

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