Hello everyone, I hope u can enjoy your christmas day and holiday, but I'm sorry for now  I didn't post about christmas day, I just share about dress outfit. I buy this mini dress from Perth (Australia). I really love when I first look at to this dress. so I didn't waiting long time to decide got that :D

Getting good quality of picture, so I seduce someone went to PIK (I'm sory Ming hahaha ). And here I'm using this white dress. with crazy pose, big smile, serious face, and sometimes I'm laugh. So uncomfortable when a man who getting your pose smile to you and always look at to your all of your body. But I'm happy because that a man was my close friend hahahhahahaha LOL. 

I'm not too smart talking about outfit, so I need comment for u guys what should I do or not to getting good outfit. and how do u thing with my outit in below. and oh I forget, I just open new olshop in Instagram, please visit and follow @sweetootd thank you everyone :)))) 

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