Haiii everyone...,,,
For the first i want to share about what i'm doing in the last week. I've wedding friend in the last week and i'm going to there with someone who I want didn't told to u :)) I'm really so happy when he choose going with me than went to Bandung.

It was Batak wedding celebration, cause I'm batak person so I knew about that but not with that man hahahaha. So funny seen who don't know what hell it was and i knew it was really frustated but he only smile to me :))

Told about the wedding : everyone especially a women really excited for this moment. Our women are willing to sacrifice for the time, mind, strength only giving the perfect moment. I didn't know how to finished it soon  hahaha LOL maybe it was disordered and I screaming loud to someone to fix that HAHAHA but it's happen in my imagination :)) forget it about that focus to the post :D

After lunch we were going  home and not home actually, we're shopping and we choose ITC Kuningan. Getting some clothes, new ootd and post in ig hahaha and here some custom i got. Really cute and inexpensive :D

Getting good picture need good backgroud too (sorry my english so bad and this is I'm trying to learn english :D ). So when I'm got custom already, he told to me Puri Indah Mall and I have never been there. So here I'm.

Trying used this short skirts sometime make me not really confidence but I like make different experience with my ootd.I'm brave use it too cause he was with me. Sometimes I spoken with my God and ask Him 'why God send to me that guy.To spend some time with him and collect moment by moment, I'm really afraid. But I decide to keep all about it. I believe God can help me to get this way.

I will trying to enjoy with him. No matter how they think, i will deal with. Now, I want say thank you for him still waiting me not leaving me. I hope he will change for better person and get a suitable job of his dreams. and I hope too this relationship be long last hahaha :))

How about your weeken guys???


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