Planning went to Bandung fail!!! yup and that make my heart so sad. He told to me have got holiday just jakarta area. And this place so long time i'm planned and never got it and this time it really happened

Jakarta have a good place who make youre mood be relax and that place was "Hutan Mangrove" in Pantai Indah Kapuk. i'm happy to get this one place when green colours decorate that area. They provide seating for a break due to travel quite a distance and can only be reached by foot. The place was really very natural, planting mangroves was good idea i think. 

I'm spend my time only 4 hours and it was be good day. 
hope you enjoy with my post and you will went to that place. 

if you have a time and no one didn't accompany you, CALL Me..HAHAHA

see you,

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