I think life was so simple and easy in the past. when I'm at school, I was only spend my time played with friends, watching tivi reading a komic and I was laugh too much. Just simple. Continues,got lecture and I'm really so bored and want to end quickly. In the past, I thought get a job and saving much money that enough. Traveling the world and getting married hahaha LOL. I was too focused on the dreams that I do not enjoy-adolescence. But now, I'm working, getting money and enjoy my life. I'm going to many place with someone who made me comfortable and last night I go with him to good place and really cheap haha.

Mix Diner & Florist, Cikini

I'm so sorry if the pict not really good couse very little light in there

That Place really so cute and unique thing and made youre mood so good. Sometimes I hate and so bored with my Job. Very frustrated cause may heart didn't like that. But I need money too so I tried to made happy. so here I were.

It's 07.00 PM
I wanna said thank u for him getting me to here and changed my mood be better. I just wanna to share to you if you have a problem or youre mood really bad so don't go to club or etc. Just walked away and move youre body to good place like i post. I sure u can be smile and be gratefull for youre life have. I hope u found that place and share to me soon or next. Follow my Instagram @elsasilalahi89

Thank u,

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