There are many things I wanted to say but sometimes it was restrained immediately without having to explain why, I'm sure you've experienced it. There are many options but we are sometimes confused with the results of that choice, always wondered if it was a good choice for the future or even destroy. Life is basically simple now so complicated both in relantionship, familly, friend and even with God himself was so-so is complicated. Well I have experienced. Right now I have absolutely no such thing as best friends. because I can not trust them. So I limit my friendship. And I feel therefore I felt myself but I think back again to myself I could save money, and when I want to have fun I'm just spending as much hahha so I do not care whether it's important to have friends or not. Friends think that such requirements may differ with you but yeah I think so.

I particularly liked the clothes, did not like the bag. I can use them according to your mood but I'm not too smart to combine. And I'm always trying to learn to get the actual identity (like a Korean drama haha). And the result is like this hahahhahaha

Bag - Miumiu // Shoes - Odia (Onlineshop) // T-shirt - Zara
I'm so happy when l'm look at this result, i think it's not bad style yach hahaha
and my little sister always took my pict i'm so thank for her :)) 

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Listen this song like my title post : CLOSER (really like this song with someone :))))


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