Hello..!! this moment so latepost, cause i'm not have a much time so i share today :))

Indonesia people must know what is "mang Engking". It's a good place to meet up with friends, a familly gathering and another. For the first time, we are celebration a birthday of my nephew. He's three years old and so cute and sometimes he's very annoying like my friend told to me he don't like children haha LOL.

For my OOTD I use Flannel for shirt and sandals. Simple outfit but i'm really like a sexy girl hahaha ( do you thing the same? ) xoxo.

This moment is very funny and 'Rempong'. I'm laugh and smile when remember that, cause the children so crowed, they crying, playing and fight each other get their games. Their voices it's so noisy but you know i'm very like children. I'm like talking with them. But my friend don't like them, he's leave me when my nephew fight with one of my sister child but I understand when he do it. 

Little crazy to get this picture and i'm really love being able to enjoy it. and I want to say thank you to my friend for help me make this moment to be amazing day HAHA 

I hope he can read this post and smile for me....
and hope i will get a holiday with him too :))

Have you a crazy day too?


Elsa Silalahi

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