I'm happy just a bit LOL


  April month, it's nothing a good thing happen. But i just enjoy this month and make a good thing to fill my life. not good but not bad too haha. This time i want to tell u my story life. it's not a big problem but i'm always not good mood to give a reaction that problem. 
In saturday night, i and my little sister fight about thing. i'm angry about that, really really angry to her. i don't understand how rude habit she have. So, i decided not to talking with her and i just waiting to hear her apologize but she just silent and go, leave me. I'm very sad, and alway thing what i'm doing with her. It's my fault or her? this question still around in side of mind. and my phone is ringing, mom calling. My heart so deep deep down fall and I'm almost cried. 
I tell to her and mom give me advice. so, i decided to forget this problem. Before saturday end, my little sister send me a message to invite me join with her going church together. HAHAHAHA my heart so immediately relieved. So happy to see that. I get a lesson about this:
"Do not angry quickly and try to give a apologize to someone try hurt you and alway accept them who want to admin mistake".

I hope u have a good day and get some lessaon about youre life and you can telling to me what lesson you get.

Elsa Silalahi

nb. I give u my LOL face hahahha :))), see you in my post soon

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  1. Hey, found your blog address through your Google+ profile. You forgot to leave your blog address while commenting on my post. (: You look great in that red dress! Hope everything is well between you and your sister.

    Silent Dances And Glasses

  2. @Carissa : i'm sorry, i'm forget to leave my own blog..but I'm so happy u get to see my blog too. than u. hope we are be a friend soon HAHA :))

  3. ah the dress is beautiful.. it fits on you pretty :D
    check out my blog maybe we can follow each others ;)