C     I    K   O  L  E

Hello Maret, for this month i want to share about my holiday last week. That was my first time...
we were going to Bandung, especially in Lembang. i'm so excited xoxoxo....

Perkemahan - Lembang

Rumah Makan - Makning 

I want to tell u something about my trip. you know, this is my first time take a trip with no one guy or girl i know well only one girl she 's my office friend. all of this people it's man. I'm like a princess HAHA. at my trip, I'm get much lesson about life, friendship, familly. 

HAPPY..it's always show in my face every minutes.
I can't tell to u how my felling get this my trip.

that's man give me a humors and i'm just laugh to hear what they talking about :))

Hope, next time i can going with them...

Elsa Silalahi 

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